Online Therapy and Hope Place COVID-19 Policy

We at Hope Place Counseling Services, PLLC understand that the current COVID-19 epidemic is causing confusion, stress, anxiety, and fear among our clients and community.  A couple of hours ago, we received word that the iconic Pickle Parade has been canceled for the year.  UTA, UNT and various other area schools have postponed a return to classes.  Several stores are reporting running out of hygiene items, and social media is exploding with opinion. 

We and various other mental health providers want to encourage you.

There are some stores that have plenty of items, and realistically, you may not need as much of that item as you're thinking you need.  Postponing classes means a longer Spring Break with your family.  Your children may get to make happy memories with you that they may not have been able to make otherwise.

We are worried about control.

Telehealth Counseling Services are a great way to expose irrational, harmful thinking - without putting your body at risk.  These services can be used with a computer, a phone, or tablet from home or anywhere with an internet connection.  Telehealth is used greatly by those individuals who find it distressing to leave their home.  In this case, telehealth can be useful to those who need that extra perspective and mental health treatment without potentially risking spread of infection.  A mental health provider can help you focus on what you can control and accept the things that you cannot, so that your family is getting the best you instead of the anxious you. 

COVID-19 Policy

Hope Place Counseling Services, PLLC is closely monitoring the Mansfield Independent School District and the CDC for guidance on how to proceed during this time.  We have decided to wave any No Call, No Show fees for in office scheduled appointments until further notice, but we still ask for the courtesy of a phone call or email even if it is after the 24 hour cut off mark.  

If the Mansfield School District decides to close for additional time we will consider rescheduling any in office ADULT clients to an online session instead.  Children may be seen on a case by case basis.  We ask that you please DO NOT come to a scheduled appointment if you're sick.  We will gladly reschedule you to an online appointment or to another date if needed.  

We want to work with you.  We want to encourage you.  We want you to be your best self, even with incredible circumstances.  A quick google search of "online therapy" or "telehealth services" can give you plenty of resources for online counseling.  You don't have to get it from us.  We encourage you to get services anywhere you feel comfortable.  

Also, please remember that telehealth services are not just for mental health.  You can see a Doctor online, too!  If you're feeling sick or your child is feeling sick, it may be a better option for you to seek an online Doctor appointment than to go into a hospital or clinic. 


Rachel Terry, MA, LPC

Hope Place Counseling Services, PLLC



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