Feather Logo

Feathers are often used on the end of arrows.  

This is called the fletching of the arrow.  The purpose of this fletching is to stabilize the arrow aerodynamically, so that when you shoot the arrow it launches towards your target without diverting. 

At the Hope Place we have chosen a feather as our logo.  We believe that our job as mental health counselors is to stabilize you, the arrow, as you are on your path towards your target. Perhaps depression, PTSD, anger, or confusion has distracted you from your path. Perhaps you've diverted your attention to something other than your target.  You body knows it.  The organ that is your brain knows something isn't right.  

We aim to teach you how to be your own fletching.  The Hope Place believes that with the right questioning and counseling you can care for your body, mind, and spirit in such a way that aligns you with your goals - even if you've lost sight of the target.  

Fletching on an arrow does not choose where the arrow is shot.  We as therapists do not tell you what to do.  We want to teach you how to make those decisions for yourself and support you along the way to healing. 

If you're stuck, headed in the wrong direction, or confused - maybe get some feathers.